An Evolution of Economic,

Social and Political Change


ENCORE: Rebroadcast

An Evolution of Economic, Social and Political Change

With Live Moderator: TBD

Tuesday, October 26

1:30 pm – 2:20 pm

Moderator: Dr. Maja Zelihic

Panel Members: Ken Bouyer, Lawrence Cunningham, and Jeffrey Hayzlett

About the Panel Discussion

An Evolution of Economic, Social and Political Change:

  • Education bifurcates into traditional and an on-demand option with “practical application” of learning in high demand
  • Leisure travel up – business travel down
  • Covid becomes a catalyst for innovation initiating a generation of entrepreneurs (digitization prevails from customer service, to supply chain, to AI)
  • Digitally enabled productivity gains accelerate the Fourth Industrial Revolution (new forms of work will be sustained)
  • Pandemic and technology convergence impacts societal behavior forever
  • Heightened awareness of social justice and equity in organizations influences diversity and inclusion priorities and practices in organizations
  • A biopharma revolution expands (bioengineering, genetic sequencing, computing, data analytics, automation, machine learning, and AI will integrate and change healthcare)
  • Successful business will embrace portfolio restructuring ( private equity (PE) firms have $1.5 trillion of unallocated capital ready to invest)
  • The costs of pollution & benefit of environmental sustainability will accelerate industry investment and consumer awareness
  • Government debt will impact the economy `(increased taxes and reduced government spending)
  • Stakeholder capitalism and societal value are intertwined (the interest of business and all of its stakeholders will fuel economic growth and subsequent advances in health, longevity, and general prosperity)



Maja Zelihic

Interm Dean Forbes School of Business and Technology and Professor

Ken Bouyer

EY Americas Director of Inclusiveness Recruiting

Lawrence Cunningham

Founder, Quality Shareholders Group

Jeffrey Hayzlett

Chairman & CEO of the C-Suite Network, Host at C-Suite Radio & C-Suite TV, Hall of Fame Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Global Business-