Bill Davis


  • Bill Davis, Lead Faculty & Assistant Professor in the Forbes School of Business and Technology.  Bill has over 16 years of higher education experience, and has written over 120 plus articles relating to business, marketing, leadership, management, and higher education. Bill has published several peer reviewed academic journals, presented at various Academic Conferences, and has taught over 200 courses in accelerated education, both on-ground and online. Bill is one of 3 educators in the nation to receive the 2008 CAP Award – which is a National Award from the Commission for Accelerated Teaching in Denver. 
  • Bill’s accolades:
    • The 2007 Excellence in Teaching Award
    • The 2012 Excellence in Leadership Award
    • The 2016 Excellence in Service, 2017 Excellence in Teaching, and 2018 Excellence in Scholarship Awards with the Forbes School of Business and Technology
    • The AU President Excellence in Service Award in 2016.
    • And most recently, Bill Davis was the January 2019 AU Faculty of the Month.
  • In addition to Bill’s academic experience and accomplishments, Bill Davis has extensive experience in all aspects of business and has over three decades of experiences working in the beverage industry, specifically in the PepsiCo and 7UP systems, serving as front, middle, and executive level leadership and marketing positions.